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Slightly disappointed

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I was so excited to receive this book, because the previous one in the series Don't make a sound was my favourite book of last year.
Sadly this one didn't quite live up to it, and I was left feeling slightly disappointed.
This book follows DS Cody as he attempts to solve the brutal murder of a man, whilst at the same time battling his own demons in the form of clowns who had mutilated him and murdered his colleague in a previous book.
The deceased man's wife also tries to find the killer, leading her into a shady underworld.
I found the story a bit far fetched in places, and without revealing any plot spoilers, felt that Cody behaved in ways I do not think he would have done. I felt too much time was spent on the clowns, and not enough time on the murder investigation.
I did enjoy the book, but I didn't love it which I had with the previous ones, sorry.