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I was absolutely delighted to win this one from Readers First and very grateful for the change to read it. I think this might be one of my favourites that I've received from the site!!

I have studied history form undergraduate to PhD level and one of the areas I studied for my dissertation was the use of poison in murder cases in the nighteenth century. So this book was of massive interest to me and really caught my attention.

Based on diary entries and witness reports, this book is very well written and extremely engaging. Keeps you hooked right from the off set and you really don't want to put it down. I absolutely flew through this one because it was just so gripping and I just adored the history and reading a book based on something I have actually studied myself. However, this book is pretty heavy going in places, and not necessarily for those of a nervous disposition. So as much as I highly recommend, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before picking this one up