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A Passion for Poison is an apt title for this true life crime book

It portrays the events of a serial killer who began his fascination with poisons and their effects on people at an early age. Graham Young was not like other children he didn’t read the same books as his contemporaries but books about Victorian poisoners and progressed onto books of advanced toxicology. Although he lost his mother at an early age and spent time with his aunt and uncle until his father remarried his did not seem to be a life of drama or tragedy for him or his sister.

This is a throughly researched and very well written account of the devastating acts by him not only as a boy but later as a man who caused his innocent victims the most excruciating pain often leading to death.

Carol Ann Lee has made an excellent job of providing at the beginning a compact history on poisons and their uses through the ages and throughout the book the way she has written with references from the times creates a comprehensive picture of an insight into the mind of a complex and dangerous serial killer.

Definitely one to read.