Beautifully written

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A beautiful yet heart breaking story of friendship during a time of divide and chaos.

The book cover is an automatic draw and screams of the past and the war. The cover is very attractive and I was keen to read more.

As a lover of historical fiction I was gripped by this book just by the blurb and was hooked from the first page. Give yourself plenty of time and space to full involve yourself in Simone and Hava's story of frienship and tragedy.
This is a nice quick read as the chapters are split into diary entries which help to see each person's point of view.

Overall a fantastically written work which the author should feel proud to have penned and a link back to the past which cannot and should not be forgotten but remembered and given the gravitas of which it deserves. This book can now be added to those works of which are not just fiction but an insight into the time and age.