Definitely addictive

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I have never read a book by A.K. Turner before but I am most definitely hooked with her style of writing, this book being absolutely terrific. It’s most definitely descriptive and may not be for those with a slightly weaker heart, some parts most likely being unsettling, however it was most definitely worth a read! I was almost immediately intrigued, the words flowing is such a graceful manner, pages drifting into the next. The characters are definitely one of the pros, Cassie being such a relatable and comforting character who gives a real sense of strength, both physically and mentally. Her spirit is always high no matter what comes along her way, which I adore! This book has a real sense of talent, the plot being soo addictive. It had me on the edge with each page, it being such an amazing thrill!! Overall, in my opinion it’s most definitely worth a read for those who are willing to be exposed to such descriptions!