Loved it!!

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Wow this book was great!!

I got this book through this website readersfirst and after reading it im so glad!

Absolutely loved everything there is about body langauge. I think that Ak Turner has created a great book to set the tone as the first book for the rest of the series to come.

This story is about twenty five year old Cassie Raven, who is an orphaned goth being raised by her grandmother after her parents had unfortunately died in a car accident.
The book story is set in Camden, London and its based in a morgue where Cassie works, which I also loved when reading this book.

Cassie has the ability to talk to the dead and when her former teacher comes in for her and goes missing, a police investigation starts where Cassie is the main suspect after evidence pointing towards her.

Overall this was a thrilling read and i would one hundred percent recommend!