Simplistic and undemanding

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A bit of a whodunnit set in a trendy, modern world. This was obvious from the first chapter which overwhelms the reader with the introduction of so many characters, most of which were a bit nouveau riche.
The plot had some good points but there were some lame issues. The characters, themselves, seemed superficial and 2D so I didn’t really like any of them or feel invested. Their progression through the plot felt naive and frustrating and the conclusion was a bit of an unsatisfying letdown - lots of threads left untied, presumably to be tackled in a sequel.
The style felt slightly simplistic for me as I’m used to more hard edged police/mystery novels.
It would possibly be a good holiday read. Once you get over the confusion with the names it’s easy to read and undemanding. It could be more of a YA as it focuses on younger characters and their attitudes.
I don’t like not finishing a book and persevered but won’t be looking out for the sequel.