Mixed feelings on this, came across as a little idealistic and "preachy."

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Leah is fourteen and is often called weird at school, she enjoys stargazing, the wilderness, seven a land isn't like the social media obsessed culture.
She just wants to understand herself and the universe she lives in.
After a walk in the park leading to an episode where Leah feels she is at one with the universe.
She feels passionately now more than ever, something is calling to her to make sense of her life and explore the theme of home and what it means to her and others.
Desperate for answers to her huge questions she joins an international summer camp.
There she learns to grow, work as part of a team, overcomes dissension and bullying and even make new friends and maybe a first boyfriend.
But her burning questions are still unanswered while Leah is forced to move onto the next phase of her life and see what comes next.
This sounded so promising in the blurb but I found it was a little lack lustre for me.
Wasn't bad, but just not that exciting and it just read in a way like a Greta Thunberg campaign all about climate change etc.
At times it just felt full of hippy trippy preaching ethics, meditation, finding yourself, being at one with the universe.
The story was "nice" but like it was REALLY pushing an angle in your face, yes the social and environmental issues covered are serious but it all had this didactic, teaching tone throughout the whole story and the kids and characters involved seemed just that little TOO perfect and responsible.
Not everyone is like that so felt at times it was a little untrue to real life, I just don't know what it was but it just felt like a bit of a "miss" for me.