Other-worldly and absolutely amazing!

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(Spoilers ahead)
The plot for Piranesi was utterly bizarre however Clarke's enthralling way with words meant that I was engrossed in this novel and read it all in one sitting! The writing style is quite slow and atmospheric and the vivid descriptions of Piranesi's surroundings make it easy to imagine the eerie labyrinth of statues he lives in. There are many significant themes that are deeply explored in this novel such as the effects of isolation, curiosity and existentialism.

There is heavy symbolism in this novel as Piranesi's search for knowledge implies that there is a deeper meaning to be found from the house, as if it is a mystery that needs to be unravelled. However, this is not the case as Piranesi realises that there is no hidden knowledge and the house is valuable on its own, it isn't the means to an end.

The emotional effect of Piranesi was deep and unexpected, as I became rather attached to the quirky and innocent main protagonist. Despite the fact that the ending was mostly predictable I thoroughly enjoyed joining the characters along their journey.