Captivating & Empowering

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I read 'Stepsister' by Jennifer Donnelly at some point during the first lockdown last year, and it was exactly what I needed at the time - an inspiring book about love, family, and female empowerment, especially in a world that measures a girl's worth based primarily on her looks and marriageability.

I loved the book so much that when I found out the author was in the process of writing another book based off of another traditional fairy tale, I waited eagerly for the day that it was being published - and was it worth the wait!

Similar to 'Stepsister', 'Poisoned' was also about the same main themes, yet with a different take - where in 'Stepsister', the main character could have been viewed as both a protagonist and antagonist, and found love and herself in places she didn't expect, in 'Poisoned', the main character was clearly the protagonist, however, she learns that she doesn't need others to love her - instead she discovers the strength and courage that lies deep within her and learns to love herself for who she is, rather than be ashamed as she was taught to.

Overall, an amazing book that both captivated and empowered me - 10/10, would definitely recommend!!