Really enjoyed it

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I really love fairy-tale retellings so I had quite high expectations for this and it didn't fail to meet them. I really enjoyed how the queen was portrayed, an intelligent woman trying to prevent war rather than the commonly known evil queen obsessed with her own beauty. Sophie's character was slightly unexpected but in a pleasant way, I find that typically the protagonists in retellings are more openly defiant which is generally the opposite of how the original story is told. It was refreshing to see that Sophie's behaviour reflects how Snow White probably would have reacted in the same situation and I'm excited to read about her character growth.
I really liked the unique perspective of the huntsman as a narrator, I don't think I've seen that before and I particularly like how it sets up the idea of Sophie being constantly watched.
All in all I really enjoyed this and was genuinely disappointed when the preview ended so I will definitely be getting this book.