Dementia and Disappearance

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Remember Me tackles with two touchy subjects - disappearance and dementia - which aren't easy to address and deal with.

However, the author manages this in a sensitive way with a writing style which is for the mostly accessible.

The story, narrated by Emily, starts this novel with a flashback to her last meeting with Dr. Leah Parata (the daughter of her father's neighbour) who we are informed goes missing following this particular encounter.

Our narrative moves forward by 25 years to 2019 when Emily, who is living in the UK, is asked to return to NZ in order look after her father, who is riddled with Alzheimer's.

As Emily reconnects with her dad, she begins to realise that his story might be interwoven with a ‘quarter of a century’ missing person mystery which leads the reader to wonder what she'll do with this brand new information….