Families, secrets, love and lies.

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25 years ago Dr Leah Parata goes hiking in the mountain ranges near her New Zealand home. The weather is dreadful but that's perfect for finding the endangered snails she's looking for, plus it's a hike she's done many times before. She is never seen again, in spite of many searches not a trace of her is ever found.
Fast forward to present day and her friend Emily is living in the UK when her former neighbor, Leah's mother, phones to tell her that her father is suffering from dementia. Originally only planning to stay for 3 weeks she travels to NZ to decide what to do about dad, her money grabbing brother and sister are all for putting him in a home, selling the property and pocketing the proceeds. But Felix, once the local doctor, loves his home and community...... even if he doesn't always recognise people or remember where he lives.
For the first time ever, Emily starts to bond with her father, he was always a distant and often absent father during her childhood. But occasionally he calls her Leah, and in his confusion seems to be under the impression he killed her, other times saying he loved her.
So is the caring doctor a murderer, or just a confused man? The story pulls you in lots of different directions, at one time convinced he was being blackmailed, another that he was in love with Leah..... a woman the age of his children. It's a very atmospheric story, and the descriptions of the rugged and remote scenery are beautiful. It's only in the last few chapters when Felix himself goes missing that we finally found out what went on 25 years ago. And I did NOT see that coming!