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I completely forgot I hadn’t reviewed this book, I’m sorry it’s so late, I enjoyed ‘Sins of fathers’ I especially like reading biographies where the authors life is vastly different to the majority of other peoples, and this delivered that, it was an interesting read, and I was glad to have read it, although I can’t say that it has stuck with me the same way other biographies in the genre have. This might not be every readers cup of tea, but for those who are fans of crime and/or a biography then this is an ideal read. I like the cover, I think it adds something to the writing when you can see the person whose story you’re reading. ‘Sins of
Fathers’ is a book I would recommend, especially because of the unique perspective it offers, and as I said, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, because at times it can be dark, but it’s a good read and worth trying.