Great crime drama

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This is the life story of Michael Emmett.
A small time criminal who went on to bigger and worse and crimes.
Growing up in a kind of criminal / gang land culture Michael lived on the edges of crime from early on in his life.
Witnessing and also experiencing violence, drug and sexual abuse it’s no wonder he went down the path he did, it was inevitable.
Getting deeper and deeper in to this world he eventually gets caught later on in his criminal career.
Whilst in prison he finds religion and he uses this as a new tool to shape his life and try to make an effort to change his life for a good, wholesome existence.
You do get to see the whole side of Michael both good and bad and is a graphic depiction of the life of a criminal.
I would say it’s a tale of a bad boy turned good and to a certain extent this was true but I have rather mixed feelings as some things he seems very neutral on and even seems to revel in what he did.
But overall this was a great read.