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A breathtaking teen novel set in Zimbabwe about freedom, inter-generational friendships and forgiving the past.

The Colours That Blind

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Fifteen-year-old Tumirai lives with his protective big brother, Mkoma in Harare, Zimbabwe. He's the first albino kid ever to have attended his school and constantly feels like an outsider.

When his brother is invited to go travelling for work, Tumirai goes to stay with their grandmother, Ambuya Thandie. She is scarred, in more ways than one, but her memory is a treasure trove - and her stories of Zimbabwe's war for independence are a long, long way from the history Tumirai has heard before.

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Rutendo Tavengerwei

Rutendo Nomsa Tavengerwei lived and studied in Zimbabwe until the age of eighteen, when she moved to South Africa to study Law at the University of the Witwatersrand. She has just completed a Masters at the World Trade Institute, and is now working at the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

Rutendo has always loved to write and received tutorials from her father from the age of nine. THE COLOURS THAT BLIND is her second novel.

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Publisher Hot Key Books
Genre Personal & social issues
Released on 14/05/20
Pages 208
ISBN 9781471408182
Price £7.99


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