I couldn't put it down!

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God this is an amazing book! Listen to me when I say this is an amazing piece of literature. I absolutely loved this authors style of writing, it genuinely gripped me and I couldn't stop reading, I read this book in less than a day! I would love to hear more from this author, the sequel or even other books of this type. This type of book is the reason I still read.

I really connected with each of the characters and loved the story line. I will be keeping this book on my shelf as I can quarentee this will not be the last time I will pick up this book. This will be my go to book if anyone asks for recommendations. I highly recommend this book if you are thinking about purchasing.

The cover is the first thing I seen of this book and to be honest I didn't think anything remarkable of it, but I did think it looked like a book I would enjoy. I'm glad I decided to read ut because it was genuinely one of my new favourite books.