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The Dark Room follows Rachel and Caroline, two strangers who find their paths cross in Ireland. They have both gone away for personal reasons, but they end up embroiled in a mystery that has spanned decades.

My absolute favourite thing about this book was the vivid characters and scenes that Blake created. I fell in love with Rachel, Caroline and Jasper (in particular), and adored the relationships between them. I really felt like I was on the coast of Ireland, in a newly refurbished old house, in the winter months. I did not want this book to end and often found myself thinking about it whilst I was meant to be doing other things. The world was created so well, I felt like I was personally involved.
I really enjoyed the storyline, particularly because it wasn’t just focused on mystery/thriller content. There were glimpses of horror/supernatural aspects that peeked through, which heightened the excitement. At times, these supernatural passages felt scary, and other times they were heartwarming.