Omg could not put down

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This book is amazing and one I couldn’t put down. The characters Rachel and Caroline met at the same hotel by chance but end up solving a mystery they both started completely individually.

The twists and turns trying to work out what happened which started with Hunter being knocked off his bike and the homeless Alfie being burned alive in his tent. Add to that Hunter and Rachel’s boat being broken into.

Caroline feeling their was something not right with the death of the former owner of hare’s rest hotel and her crime reporter instincts.

You were kept in suspense until the very end. Who would have thought that Alfie witnessed something so horrific it would scar him for life and live on the streets despite being so wealthy and educated.

Who would have thought that there was more than one witness to the crime and were happy to keep quite about it.

Definitely recommend you read if you like a mystery.