Spooky and atmospheric

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Rachel Lambert and her boyfriend suddenly find themselves as the victims of crime.
He is knocked off his bike and hospitalised.
Scared of repercussions Rachel leaves the area and temporarily goes to Ireland to get away from the danger and stress.
Meanwhile she starts to question and probe the death of a homeless man that could have links to the bike accident.
Enter Caroline Kelly, she likewise has fled New York due to difficulties in her job.
Both women coincidentally arrive at a place called Hare’s landing.
The ladies are now working together as they feel something isn’t quite right about Hare’s landing.
They soon find out they were right, it’s the site of a case involving the death of the former hotel owners and a missing person.
Can the women find out the truth of their mysterious abode?
A cracking little thriller blending elements of a thriller and a chilling dash of the supernatural too.
A really good read.