Kept me guessing

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I just loved this book! I was very intrigued by the synopsis and it did not disappoint. The characters and plot kept me entertained throughout the whole book and I loved reading about them.
The characters were well written and I felt a connection to each making the story even better. The relationship between grandmother and grandson was lovely and made me feel even more of a connection for these characters.There was a good pace to the book, and I felt the historical details which the author has included added much to the feel of the book.
Told both in present time and back in the Thirties we follow their trip of Europe and discover what happened in each location and Emma’s motivations both for her actions then and her trip now. There are a fascinating mix of characters and based on their past actions it’s very difficult to know who to trust, the descriptions of the locations in both eras is very detailed and it’s very easy to understand Emma’s motivations and the complexities of her character. It’s not a fast paced novel but it is not without its twists and turns.