More Than Meets The Eye

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To begin with I wasn't expecting to enjoy The Diplomat's Wife as much as I did, but wow was I wrong!

The Story is told from the dual prospective of Emma, the titular diplomats wife, and her grandson Phil. Emma embarks on a trip around Europe visiting the places she had lived when she was younger and reliving her life as the wife of a diplomat. Phil, having had his previous travelling plans ruined, tags along to escort Emma on her journey. Phil soon learns his grandmothers past was full of spies, secrets and betrayal and that her past is catching up with them.

Dual narratives that involve long time jumps aren't usually my favourite story telling devices, however Ridpath uses it to great effect and the split story isn't at all confusing. I also particularly enjoyed the time period settings, the parallels between Emma's story set in interwar 1936 and the 'holiday' in 1979 during the Cold War, both full of spies and double crossing are work brilliantly.

Ridpath has written a brilliant historical page turner and I can thoroughly recommend it.