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3,5/5 stars read for me

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The hanging girl has a very interesting idea and I was very excited to read it. Skye has been doing tarrot readings for years but they are fake. Somehow she ends up collaborating with the police, using her ''hunches" to help them find her missing classmate,Paige. But Skye knows more that she is letting show, and an unexpected turn of events puts her in a place where she has to make a decision;will she keep on her facade or will she reveal everything she knows?
There was nothing wrong with this book. The idea behind it was intresting, and there were some plot twists that wouldn't shock so much, at least not the average mystery reader, but still managed to be pleasant and a good fit for the story. I think my problem was that I did not find this book unforgettable. Yes, I did read it very quickly but I don't think I'll be thinking about it for days. Still, I would check out more of this author because I think she's worth looking out for!