Gripping tale

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I really enjoyed this book, so different to what I've read before. The style of writing was easy to follow and the storyline was gripping.
The characters were believable and engaging and I felt I got to know each and every one of them, even the bad guys.
Nicholas Shelby, the main character came across as a well loved and liked man who is a Physician and practised medicine that was slightly more forward thinking than his fellow practitioners.
There were threats and conspiracy which resulted in him travelling to Marrakech in search of a missing informer while telling everyone his trip was to learn from how they practiced medicine abroad.
The journey to Marrakech on the ship Righteous, with captain Cathal Connell and his time on land is so descriptive with tales of slavery and hardship and Nicholas is met by a young man called Hadir who becomes his secretary and advisor. While Nicholas is away there is another storyline about his friends back home. I would definitely recommend this book.