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A few strangers stop in their local coffee shop in Balham to pick up their morning dose of caffeine unaware that they'll become hostages to a madman with a gun who came to settle once and for all with the owner of the cafe.

They have seemingly nothing in common, each one of them has their own story and yet, they'll become connected for life.
Abi - a young successful lawyer who's been trying to get pregnant for years, Neil - a rough sleeper who was once a teacher with a wife and a daughter but is now left to sell Big Issue every day; Mutesi - a nurse, proud grandmother who flew Rwanda many years ago; and Sam - a young man who is desperate to see his 3 year old daughter but his ex cut all contact.

In the usual Charity Norman way, the characters and their lives feel very real and authentic and it's impossible not to like them. This is my 4th Charity Norman's book and I know I can rely on her to come up with a thought provoking story.

The book appealed to me also for its location and reminded me of the time when I worked as a barista in a Balham coffee shop in my student days.

Compelling and brilliantly written, I'd recommend to anyone in mood to meet some strangers under siege.

Many thanks to the publisher for my review copy in exchange for an honest review.