Gripping and full of twists

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I am not normally drawn to politcal thrillers as I don't really have the background knowledge, however this book was so well explained that it had me gripped. Although there is alot of politics the main story is about a brother whose sisters dies in a cycling accident but he beliefs she was murdered and wants to find out who the killer was and why. There is also family dynamics in play with him not being as close to his sister and why if she was in trouble didn't she call on him to help.
The depths Gill has to go to in order to discover the truth will end up with him having to lose everything including his reputation and career. There is one person, Jess a colleague who stands by him and helps him when everyone else has deserted him.
The twists and turns of this book kept me guessing right up until the end, intact I didn't guess the ending. Very enjoyable read