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Two women decide to escape their lives on a Thelma & Louise style road trip that will change them forever.

Thea and Denise

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'Oh, you're not crazy, Denise. I think this is probably the sanest you've ever been...'

Two women. An open road. The trip of a lifetime.

Thea is confident, sorted, determined to have fun, but there are sorrows beneath the surface of her life.

Denise is struggling under the weight of her many commitments and in desperate need of some excitement.

When these polar opposites meet, and unexpectedly become friends, they realise they're both looking to escape.

So begins a road trip that leads them far from home and yet closer to their true selves.

But they can't outrun their pasts forever and when things start to become complicated, both women have an important decision to make. Do they give up or keep going? Turn around or drive on?

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Caroline Bond

Caroline Bond was born in Scarborough and studied English at Oxford University before working as a market researcher for 25 years. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Leeds Trinity University, and lives in Leeds with her husband and three children.

Book Details

Publisher Corvus
Genre Contemporary Fiction
Released on 02/06/22
Pages 368
ISBN 9781838954048
Price £14.99


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