A mighty impressive "First Impression"!

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The sheer normality of a buzzing market scene with its distinctive aromas, enticing music and the blazing heat about to be tainted was VERY cleverly played. From THAT sucker punch opening I was convinced the atrocity that unfolded would be confined to the other side of the Equator, not on our doorstep.

I LOVED the brief introductions of the individual investigative officers as they responded to the scene, as it allowed them to establish their personalities quickly by placing their light personal 'baggage' on the table so they can dive right in.

The writing style was particularly striking which reflects the intensity of the story as it factors in the threats and fears currently faced by the UK.

I'm still not entirely convinced about the cover (yet!) as it doesn't seem powerful enough for what I've read so far, but I'm SO glad I didn't let this influence my decision to read the excerpt as this was a MIGHTY IMPRESSIVE "First Impression".