Her life is a lie

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Lara King (36) is a celebrity. She is in a relationship with film-star Matthew Raine and has a six-year old daughter, Ava. But her life is a lie. And when her daughter is missing, her carefully constructed world comes crashing down. What is she hiding?

„Her guilty secret“ is a psychological thriller by Rebecca Thornton.

My opinion:
Some chapters are told from a first-person perspective from Lara's point of view, others from a fan's point of view called Ryan. The story takes place in August and September 2018.

The writing style seems a bit confused and chaotic at first, but is also very authentic and vivid. There are a lot of dialogues.

I didn't like Lara from the start, but she's an interesting protagonist. I liked the fact that Ryan remains a mystery as a person for a very long time.

The story remains unpredictable and has some twists and turns and surprises. Many questions are raised. As a result, the tension is maintained almost to the end. That's why I felt quite well entertained overall.

The cover and title go well with the content.

My conclusion:
For me „Her guilty secret“ by Rebecca Thornton is not a must-read, but a well-written thriller. I can recommend the book.