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The power of finding yourself, finding your people and living your truth. How It All Blew Up is authentic, hilarious and heart-wrenching all at once.

How It All Blew Up

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Eighteen-year-old Amir Azadi always knew that coming out to his Muslim family would be messy, but he wasn't expecting it to end in an airport interrogation room. Now, he's telling his side of the story to the stern-faced officer.

Amir has to explain why he ran away to Rome (boys, bullies, blackmail) and what he was doing there for a month (dates in the Sistine Chapel, friends who helped him accept who he is, and, of course, drama) . . . all while his mum, dad and little sister are being interrogated in the room next door.

A nuanced take on growing up brown, Muslim and gay in today's America, HOW IT ALL BLEW UP is the story of one boy's struggle to come out to his family, and how that painful process exists right alongside his silly, sexy romp through Italy.

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Arvin Ahmadi

Arvin Ahmadi is the author of two previous critically-acclaimed novels, Down and Across (2018) and Girl Gone Viral (2019). He grew up outside Washington DC, graduated from Columbia University, and worked in the tech industry prior to becoming a full-time writer. When he's not reading or writing books, he can be found watching late-night talk-show interviews and editing Wikipedia pages. He lives in New York City.

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Publisher Hot Key Books
Genre Romance and relationships
Released on 22/09/20
Pages 288
ISBN 9781471409929
Price £7.99


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